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We craft Alba1913 natural cosmetics with pure essential oils based on over one hundred years of herbalist traditions preserved by our family. Their galenic essence stems from inspiration by traditional formulas, apothecary diligence, select ingredients and attention to quality rooted in our pharmaceutical heritage.


Galenic Daily Hand Cream 30g

Creamy blend of shea butter, almond oil and coconut oil with a touch of protective sweet orange essence and marigold extract to soothe surface irritations. A traditional formula which moisturises and nourishes, making your hands feel soft and smooth, also promoting regeneration of the nail plates.


Rich Body Butter 50g

Soft, refreshing buttery balm that thoroughly nourishes your skin during your daily bath ritual or massage session. Centella extract restores firmness and healthy skin colour. Lavender and melissa oils tone your skin while their therapeutic scent relaxes your mind.


Galenic Leg Firming Rub 50g

Refreshing, light cream with a brisk scent, cools and soothes tired feet and legs. Horse chestnut and green tea extracts eliminate the ‘heavy legs’ feeling. Sweet almond oil and natural shea butter soften and moisturise the skin.


Galenic Regenerative Foot Cream 50g

Rich foot cream filled with nourishing ingredients for use after baths, shower or for relaxing foot massages. Noticeably softens and soothes irritation and itching. Makes your feet refreshed without unduly cooling. Zinc oxide stimulates regeneration of the outer skin layers. Oregano oil protects the skin and nails from external pathogens.


Essential Body Scrub 50g

Fine sugar crystals in this scrub gently exfoliate dead tissue, natural oils and bees wax make your skin soft and moisturised. Citrus fruit oils and antioxidant plant extracts foster a long-lasting effect of overall smoothness and firmness, making your skin look and feel healthy.

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