Osokins Plays Chopin – Vinyl



Georgijs Osokins from Latvia, finalist of the Chopin Competition has recorded a studio album in Poland. The album is released by ALBA1913. The recording features works by the most famous polish composer Frederic Chopin, selected by the artist himself especially for this project.

01 Nocturne in C-sharp minor, op. posth. 5:14
02 Impromptu in G-flat major, op. 51 6:30
03 Prelude no. 17 in A-flat major, op. 28 4:00
04 Waltz in A-flat major, op. 64 nr 3 2:57
05 Waltz in F major, op. 34 nr 3 2:36
06 Waltz in E-flat major, op. 18 “grande valse brilliante” 5:35
07 Ballade no. 3 in A-flat major, op. 47 8:09
08 Nocturne no. 17 in B major, op. 62 nr 1 7:48
Bonus track, recorded in 2012

Performed by Georgijs Osokins on Yamaha concert grand piano cfx.
Recorded in Poland: aula nova the Ignacy Jan Paderewski academy of music in Poznań
Sound engineering: Mirek Wdowczyk
Mixing: Mirek Wdowczyk and Georgijs Osokins
Made in Poland
Released by: ALBA1913

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